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antipasti| pasta | secondi dolce



polenta con funghi – Umbria $7.50

creamy white polenta with wild mushroom ragu

involtini alle melanzane – Calabria $11.00

lightly floured eggplant grilled & rolled, stuffed with roasted red peppers,spinach, asiago and san marzano tomato sauce

formaggi e salumi $13.00

three cheeses, three salumi, and two breadsticks

prosciutto con fichi e parmigiano $13.00

prosciutto with dried black mission figs and shaved parmesan

arancini – Sicilia $13.00

rice balls stuffed with mozzarella and green peas rolled in Italian bread crumbs on
beschemel, pesto and san marzano tomato sauce

vongole al vino bianco $14.00

steamed clams with white wine, butter and garlic

cozze alla napoletana $14.00

steamed P.E.I. mussels with garlic, white wine, tomato, & red peperoncini

tre spuntini di pesce freddo $14.75

smoked trout, smoked salmon and white anchovies

zuppe & insalate

zuppa rustica di fagioli – Toscana $5/$8

hearty Tuscan white bean and pancetta soup

zuppa robusto – Umbria $5/$8

white cannellini bean, carrots, onions, celery, garlic and spice blended and topped with
homemade croutons

stracciatella – Roma $8

homemade chicken broth, whole egg, parmigiano, parsley, spinach (bowl only)

insalata mista $6

locally grown baby mixed greens with our special house dressing

insalata della casa $9

radicchio, arugula, fennel, radishes and mandarin slices, with our special house dressing

peppero insalata – Calabria $14.50

baby organic spinach tossed with house dressing, topped with homemade polenta croutons, gorgonzola cheese and cherried calabrese peppers

insalata fritto – Calabria $ 14.50

baby organic spinach tossed with house dressing, pancetta, mediterranean olives, hard boiled egg served with crispy house made parmesan crisps


Split plate charge $4 / parties of 8 or more subject to 20% gratuity / one check per table of 8 or more



torchio al pesto – Calabria $ 11.00

fresh torchio pasta with a light creamy pesto sauce garnished with fresh basil

francobollo – Amelia $11.50

postage stamp pasta with spicy ground calabrese sausage and onion tossed with fresh spinach and olive oil

tagliate alla reggina – Calabria $ 11.50

thin ribbon pasta in garlic olive oil sauce with sauteed zucchini, roasted red bell peppersand sundried tomatoes

spaghetti di zucca- Campania $ 13.50

fresh spaghetti squash, san marzano style t omato sauce with fresh spinach pasta alla norma – Sicilia $ 14.50

penne with a san marzano tomato sauce, sauteed eggplant and hand crushed tomatoes, topped with ricotta salata cheese

fettuccine primavera – Toscana $ 15.00

local seasonal vegetables, mushrooms and spinach, over fettuccine: your choice of a light white wine cream sauce, san marzano tomato sauce, or olive oil

carbonara alla roma – $ 15.00

linguine tossed in a sauce made with egg and fresh parmesan topped with crispy pancetta

portobello linguine – Umbria $ 15.00

linguine sauteed in extra virgin olive oil, pancetta, shallots, portobello mushrooms and topped with shaved fresh parmesan


lasagna tradizionale – Toscana $ 15.00

fresh pasta layers with sugo (meat sauce) and beschemel topped with parmesan cheese

ricotta ravioli alla nonna – Umbria $ 14.50

ravioli stuffed with fresh ricotta in our san marzano tomato sauce

ravioli di funghi – Umbria $ 14.50

ravioli stuffed with wild mushrooms in a brown butter sage sauce

gnocchi – Emilia Romagna $ 15.50

onion, carrot, celery, italian sausage, pancetta and cannellini beans in a san marzano tomato sauce, resting on top of gnocchi

orecchiette alla Bolognese $ 15.50

ear shaped pasta in a hearty meat sauce

lemon pillow gnocchi – Sicilia $ 16.00

pillow shaped gnocchi stuffed with Grand Padano cheese and black truffles in a lemon sage butter walnut sauce

tortellini panna e prosciutto – Emilia $ 16.50

veal, ham and mortadella stuffed tortellini in a prosciutto di cream sauce

pappardelle con ragù di cinghiale – Umbria $ 17.50

red wine slow braised wild boar in a seasonal mushroom ragu

linguine alle vongole $ 17.50

fresh clams over linguine in a white wine, garlic butter sauce

frutti di mare – Sicilia – $ 24.00

mussels, white fish, scallops and shrimp, over linguini, with a spicy tomato sauce


If you would like sauce extra spicy or with extra garlic, please ask your server.

Gluten free menu available upon request.




Secondi con verdure della zona / with local vegetables

pollo arrosto – Umbria $14.00

mary’s range chicken, half-chicken with rosemary & garlic

canelloni alla fiorentina $14.00

northern style crepe shell cannelloni, stuffed with chicken, spinach and mushroom with a zesty, lightly creamed, tomato sauce

polenta lasagna – Toscana $14.50

yellow polenta with alternating layers of fresh grilled vegetables, san marzano marinara and mozzarella cheese

pollo alla parmigiana – Campania $ 15.50

chicken breast, topped with mozzarella and baked to a golden brown with san marzano tomato sauce

maiale marinato – Umbria $20.00

marinated pork loin cutlets over creamy white polenta with lemon, rosemary and crispy pancetta

scaloppine di vitello al marsala $20.00

tender veal scaloppine topped with a marsala and mushroom sauce

costelletta di maiale – Sicilia $21.50

10oz Niman porterhouse pork chop in a sauce made with white wine, lemon and Castelvetrano olives

costole di agnello – Toscana $21.50

rack of lamb served over a cannellini bean marinara, with creamy white polenta

bistecca tagliata $24.50

charbroiled new york steak, sliced and served over a bed of sautéed spinach


pizza margherita $11

mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil

pizza quattro stagioni $14

mozzarella, tomato sauce, prosciutto, olives and mushrooms

pizza con salsiccie $14

tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy italian sausage and fennel sausage


tre velluti $6

layers of white, dark and hazelnut chocolate

tiramisu cake$8

elegant espresso soaked ladyfinger cookies,mascarpone cheese covered with delicate chocolate layer

torta alle mandorle $8

sweet almond torte topped with sliced almonds and confectioners sugar

cannolo $8

sweet and creamy ricotta cheese in a rolled pastry shell with garnishes

limoncello cake $8

limoncello frosting with sweet creamy marscarpone cheese in between cake layers

Chocolate Decadence Cake $8

decadent and deliciously chocolate layered gluten free cake


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